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청취할 때 외워두면 잘 들리는 숙어_

sori4rang_ 2010.08.27 10:13
above all = most importantly 무엇보다도
as a matter of fact = in reality, actually 사실상
as a rule = (1)generally (1)대체로      (2)customarily  (2)습관적으로, 관례상
at all[부정문에서] = in any way 전혀
be about to = be almost ready to 막 ~하려고 하다
be better off = improve one's condition 보다 나은 상태에 있다
be in favor of = support  ~을 지지하다, ~의 편에 서다
be mixed up = be confused 혼동되다
be out of question = be completely impossible 불가능한 이야기다
be out of something = be short of something ~이 떨어지다
be tired of = be frustrated with ~에 지치다
be fed up with, be sick of
be up to someone = be someone's responsibility ~의 책임이다
bite off more than one can chew = 분(능력)에 넘치는 일을 하다
take on more responsibility than one can handle
break down = fail to work, stop functioning 고장나다
break in/on = (1)separate of collapse ~을 부수다, ~을 분리하다 (2) divide and disperse ~외 헤어지다

bring about = happen 발생하다
bring up = (1)raise [a child]양육하다     (2)introduce [a topic]제기하다
brush up on = review, study, practice 복습하다
bump into = come across, run across ~와 우연히 마주치다 [encounter]
meet unexpectedly, run into
by and large = mostly, generally 대체로
by heart = by memory, learned word for word 외워서
by no means = in no way, not at all 결코~가 아니다

call off = cancel 취소하다
call on = visit 방문하다
calm down = relax 차분해지다. 진정하다
care for = (1)take care of 돌보다   (2) like, feel affection for 좋아하다
catch on = (1)understand, learn 이해하다  (2)become popular 인기를 얻다
catch up [with] = go as fast as, overtake 뒤진것을 만회하다, 따라잡다
check in/into = (1)register [at a hotel] (1)(호텔에서)기장하다   (2)take material [from a library] (2)(도서관에서)책을 빌리다
cheer up = become cheerful, be happy 기운을 돋궈주다
come across = bump into, run into, find 우연히 만나다
meet by chance, encounter
come up with = (1)think of an idea 생각해보다   (2)produce 공급하다
cost an arm and a leg = be very expensive 매우 비싸다
count on = depend on, rely on, bank on ~에 의지하다
count out = eliminate 제외하다
no longer consider as a factor,
cut out for = have an aptitude for, be qualified for 적합하다

day in and day out = constantly, for al long time 쉬지 않고, 언제나
die down = become less severe, quite down 잠잠해지다
do over = do again, repeat 다시하다
do without = not have something ~없이 지내다
dream up = invent, think of, come up with ~을 문득 생각해내다
drop in[on] = visit informally 잠시 들리다
drop off = (1)fall asleep 꾸벅꾸벅 졸다  (2)take to a certain location 태워주다  (3)decrease; fall off 내려주다
drop out[of] = stop attending[classes]탈퇴하다

ease off[on] = (1)let something annoying get better(1)좋아지다  (2)put less pressure on (2)(긴장 등을) 풀어주다
eat in = eat at home 집에서 식사하다
eat out = eat in restaurant 외식하다
eat up = consume completely ~을 먹어치우다
end up = result in, conclude by, finish as ~로 끝나다
end of the road = the end, the end of a process 끝
every other[one] = every second[one] alternate[ones]하나 걸려
                           예) every other week(2주일에 한번)

fall behind = not move as quickly as, lag behind 늦어지다, 뒤떨어지다
feel like = be inclined to, want to ~하고 싶다
figure out = (1)understand 이해하다   (2)solve 해결하다
fill in = (1) write in a blank[on an application form]  (1)빈칸을 채우다[complete]     (2) inform, clue in (2)알려주다
fill in for = substitute for ~을 대신하다
fill out = complete [an application form] 빈칸을 채우다
find out = (1)learn 배우다   (2)discover발견하다
fix up = repair, amend, renovate 고치다
follow in one's foosteps = do what someone else did(특히 parents) 답습하다
 for a change = for something different 기분 전환으로
for good = forever; permanently 영원히
for the time being = for the present time; temporarily; for now 현재로선, 당분간

get along with = have good relations with ~와 잘 지내다
get in/get on = enter [a vehicle] (차량 등을)타다
                     (get in은 승용차에 get on은 승용차 이외의 운동수단에 쓰인다.)
get out of/get off = leave [a vehicle] (차에서) 내리다
                     (get out of는 승용차에서, get off는 승용차 이외의 운송수단에 쓰인다.)
get over = recover from [a disease]회복하다
get rid of = discard, no longer have 제거하다
give away = distribute for free [선물로서]~을 주다, 공짜로 주다
give a hand to = applaud 찬사를 보내다, 지지하다
go on[with] = continue 계속하다
go up = rise [price]오르다
go with = (1)accompany 동행하다  (2)look good together, complement 잘 어울리다
go without saying = be clear, be obvious 말할 필요도 없다
grow up = mature, become an adult 성숙해지다, 어른이 되다.

hand in = (1)give back to, return 돌려주다   (2)submit 제출하다
hand out = distribute, pass out 나눠주다
hang on = hold on, wait; stay on the telephone [전화할 때]기다리다
hang up = stop talking on the telephone [전화를] 끊다
hear from = be contacted by, be in touch with ~에게서 소식을 듣다
hear of = know about, be familiar with ~에 대해 듣다(알다)
hit it off = become friendly (특히 at the first meeting)친해지다
hold on = wait 기다리다
hold on [to] = garsp ~을 잡다
hold still = don't move 움직이지 않다, 멈추다
hold up = delay, postpone, prolong, put off 지연시키다

in the dark = (1) not knowing 모르는   (2)in secrecy 비밀의
in hot water =  in trouble 곤란에 처한
in the long run =  after a long period of time 결국에는 = in the end, in the final result
in no time = very soon, very quickly, rapidly바로, 즉시
iron out = solve problem, work out ~을 해결하다
jump to conclusion 성급히 결정하다
          = form opinions without sufficient evidence
          = decide too quickly without thinking or knowing the fact

keep an eye on = watch, take care of, look after, protect 돌보다
keep on[with] = continue 계속하다
keep up [with] = maintain 유지하다
knock it off = stop doing something 그만두다

lay off = (1) put out of work 원래 그대로 
            (2) release or discharge from a job 해고시키다 = dismiss, let go
learn the ropes = become familiar with, get used to, get the hang of 요령을 익히다
leave out = not include, omit 생략하다, 빼다
leave someone/something alone = not to disturb, not bother, permit to be alone~을 혼자 놓아두다
look after = take care of, mind 돌보다
look for = try to locate 찾다
look forward to +(동)명사 = anticipate with pleasure 기대하다
look into = investigate 조사하다
look like = resemble ~을 닮다
look out[for] = be careful 주의하다
look over = examine, read ~을 조사하다, ~을 훑어보다
look up = find information(특히 in a reference book) ~을 찾다
loop up to = respect, admire ~을 존경하다

make ends meet =  balance a budget 수지를 맞추다
make sense of = be logical and clear 논리에 합당하다
make up = (1)constitute 구성하다   (2)invent, create 창안하다
make up one's mind = decide 결정하다
mean to = intend to 의도하다
next to nothing = very little money, cheap 거의 공짜로, 싼

on the blink = not functioning correctly, out of order 못쓰게 되어
on hand = easily available 수중에, 바로 곁에
on needles and pins = nervous, anxious 초조한
on second thought = after reconsidering 다시 생각하는, 다시 생각하면
on the tip of one's tongue = almost able to remember 기억이 날듯말듯, 입에서 맴도는
on the whole = in general, generally 대체로
out of order = broken, not functioning properly 고장난

pass up = not accept, let go by, refuse, reject, turn down 거절하다
pay attention [to] = concentrate on, focus on 집중하다
pick out = choose, select 선택하다
pick up = (1) take something from a surface [from a floor]줍다
              (2) go to a location and get someone 가서 태우다
              (3) learn [especially without formal training] 들어서 알게 되다, 익히다
point out = indicate 지적하다
pull one's leg = tease or fool someone ~을 놀리다
put aside = (1) save for later 저축하다   (2)set aside 제쳐놓다, 떼어놓다
put away = remove from sight, put in the proper place 치워버리다, 적당한 곳에 두다
put off = delay, postpone, prolong,procrastinate연기하다
put on = begin to wear [clothing] 착용하다
put together = assemble ~을 조립하다
put up with = tolerate, endure, stand, be patient ~을 참다

right away = immediately 즉시
rule out = eliminate ~을 제외하다
run for office = try to get elected 출마하다
run into = (1) meet someunexpectedly, encounter, run across 우연히 만나다
              (2) crash or collied into 충돌하다

sign up 등록하다 = enroll for a class, resister, sign an agreement to take part in something or to take a job
sing another tune = change one's opinion, feel differently 태도[견해]를 바꾸다
show up = come, appear 오다, 나타내다
shut down = close 닫다
size up = measure, estimate ~의 크기를 재다
sleep on it 결정을 다음날로 미루다 = postpone a decision until the next day, delay, prolong
sooner or later = at some time in the future 조만간
speak up for = support, hold up 지지하다
spell our [for] = explain in the detail or most detailed way 상세히 설명하다
stamp out = elimiate, eradicate, wipe out ~을 근절하다
stand for = (1)tolerate, put up with 참다  (2)symbolize 상징하다
stand out = be noticeable 드러나다, 눈에 띄다
stay out = remain away from home 밖에 머물다, 잡으로 돌아가지 않다
stay up = not go to bed, remain awake 깨어 있다. 잠을 자지 않다.
stop by 잠시 들르다 = visit informally, visit or stop somewhere briefly in order to do something

ake advantage of = utillize, make use of, exploit 이용하다
take apart = diassemble ~을 분해하다
take a break = stop working for a short time 휴식을 취하다
take it break = relax, calm down 긴장을 풀다, 편히쉬다
take off = (1)remove 벗다, 제거하다   (2)ascent 이륙하다
take over = assum control or responsibility 인수하다
take a part in  = participate in 참여하다
take a short cut = go by a most direct route than the usual one 지름길로 가다
take up = (1)begin to study some topic or engage in some activity (일, 연구 등을)시작하다, 종사하다
              (2) settle by talking 떠맡다
talk into = persuade,  convince 설득하다
talk out = (1) discuss thoroughly (문제를)철저하게 논의하다
              (2) settle by talking (문제를)말로 해결하다
tear up = rip into small pieces, distroy completely by tearing 갈기갈기 찢다
tell apart = distinguish between, pick apart, tell from 구별하다
think much of = have a good opinion of ~을 좋게 생각하다
think over = consider carefully before deciding 심사숙고하다
throw away = discard, get rid of, dispose of 버리다
try on = test clothing before buying [for size, style]입어보다
try out = test, use during trial period 시험해보다
turn around = (1)face in the opposite direction 돌리다 (2) completely change the condition 바꾸다
turn down = (1)reject an offer 거절하다  (2)reduce in brightness or volume 줄이다
turn in = (1) return, give back, hand in 돌려주다, 제출하다  (2)go to bed 잠자리에 들다
turn into = change to, transform into ~으로 바꾸다
turn off = cause to stop functioning, shut off, switch off 작동을 멈추게 하다
참고) turn on/off, switch on/off, shut on/off는 전기, 물, 가스 등과 같이 흐르는 성질의 것에 대해 쓰인다.
turn out = (1) result in, end up, be the final product of 결과가 ~이 되다
              (2) appear, attend, come out 나오다, 참석하다
turn up = (1) increase in intensity [the volume of a radio] (볼륨을) 올리다
             (2) appear, show up 나타나다

under the weather = not feeling well, sick, in poor health 아픈, 건강이 안 좋은
use up = use completely 다 써버리다
wait on = serve 시중들다
warm up = (1) cause to become, warm, heat, become warm 데우다, 따뜻해 지다
                (2) loosen up or practice before starting to do activity (운동을 하기전에 ) 몸을 풀다
watch out = be careful, be alert!, look out 조심하다
wear out = become useless through use 닮다, 떨어지다
with flying colors = very successfully 대성공을 거두고, 의기 양양하게, 우쭐대며
without a hitch = without a problem 거침없이, 무사히
work out = (1) exercise 운동하다
               (2) bring to a successful conclusion, solve 해결하다

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